A new Muslim in the Pacific : Islam in Vanuatu

Here’s an new Youtube video about Islam as practiced in Vanuatu, by ni-Vanuatu. It looks at the mosque in Mele village. It is interesting to hear that news of Vanuatu’s top place in the Happy Planet Index made it to the Islamic world, and that there are supposedly 1,000 Muslims on Tanna, followers of the ni-Vanuatu Muslim convert who called himself Nambanga (Banyan Tree). In Arabic, with english subtitles.


3 Comments on “A new Muslim in the Pacific : Islam in Vanuatu”

  1. Vanuatu will be sorry, one day, it will bring man-tanna against man-tanna. Praise the Lord Jesus that this does not happen.


    • dailydigester says:

      Richard, man Tanna have this week been fighting each other, in Vila and in Lenakel, causing grievous bodily harm, destroying each other’s property, wrecking homes and businesses. Their Christian faith, and all their prayers to Jesus, haven’t prevented this awful conflict from occurring. Religious preference doesn’t have anything to do with it – Christian or Muslim, people are the same the world over.

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  2. dailydigester says:

    French-language version – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORUDww4FQEc