Partnership with China’s HNA Tourism Group to boost tourism numbers from China, says Govt

Vanuatu Government and HNA Tourism signs strategic partnership. Photo: supplied

Vanuatu Government representatives including PM Salwai and FM Leingkon and HNA Tourism Group sign the strategic partnership yesterday. Photo: supplied

Yesterday we reported PM Salwai signing a Strategic Operation Agreement with a Chinese tourism group. This relationship is said to be able to answer leaders’ calls for an increase in tourism, trade and investment in China, and the group concerned is the HNA Tourism Group. It is well-established in China and highly regarded for its tourism accomplishments. Tourism numbers from China are rising by 4% every year, PM Salwai pointed out to the Chairman of the HNA Group.

Stretem Rod Blong Jastis, the Australian Government project to assist Vanuatu’s judicial and legal needs, is entering a new phase. A lawyer attending the relaunch ceremony was impressed with the way in which the interests of women, youth, children and the disabled are provided for in the project. Chief Justice Lunabek was the main speaker at a signing ceremony with Australian High Commissioner Da Rin yesterday. He sees the rule of law as a means to realize human rights and as a key element for good governance and democracy. “It is essential for economic development,” he said, “and is required for peace building.” The programme places emphasis on the rule of law as a means to hold state authorities accountable for the use of state power to further peaceful relations.

The Japanese Government handed over to the Vanuatu Government heavy machinery worth Vt 200  million yesterday as part of the Japanese contribution to Vanuatu reconstruction following Cyclone Pam. The machinery will be used in road repair and renovation, especially of rural roads to help economic recovery. It is funded through the Japanese economic and social development aid programme. Maewo is to be the first island to benefit from the heavy equipment which will then be taken to other islands.

The Livestock Department is building up its breeding centres for small islands at the headquarters of each province. They will assist farmers by giving better access to livestock. Director of Livestock Lonnie Bong said provincial livestock officers will manage the breeding centres. They will be improving the breeds of fowls, ducks, pigs and goats.

Acting PM Natuman is hosting a reception together with Australian High Commissioner Jenny Da Rin for the celebrities of the movie Tanna returning from Hollywood. They deserve the praise being heaped upon them and everyone should see Tanna at whatever cost.