Chinese bidder CCECC awarded Bauerfield International airport upgrade contract

Port Vila's Bauerfield international airport

The Bauerfield runway upgrades go to CCECC: it’s official. There had been disagreements between the World Bank and Government, but the World Bank is happy the processes have now followed the appropriate procurement procedures. It adds “the good news now is that all bidders have been formally notified of the completion of the evaluation process, with contract negotiations to be scheduled by the government in thew coming days.” CCECC is well-known in Vanuatu for a number of big projects, from roads to the new Korman sports facilities being constructed for the Mini Games. (Daily Post)

The Bauerfield runway repair delay is holding up the codesharing agreement with Qantas, it seems. Air Vanuatu CEO Joseph Laloyer says the codesharing between Brisbane and Luganville continues to function, but not between the Queensland and Vanuatu capitals. Further talks will happen soon. However, Laloyer had some very good news for our regional routes with the likely opening up soon of Nouméa–Santo and Nouméa–Tanna. The latter will be welcomed by all Tafeans as we have had an ‘international’ airport there for 18 years now. (Daily Post)

The Electoral Commission gave the official listing yesterday of candidates successful in the provincial elections. Of the 74 winners in four provinces, from the Government side the VP won 11 candidates in the four assemblies and from the Opposition side UMP won 9. Only one woman won a seat, in Ambae, in the Penama election. A wide variety of parties are represented in all provinces. Daily Post this weekend carries news of three parties committed to forming the Tafea provincial government: VP, UMP and GJP have signed an MOU. VP holds the presidency.

The Department of the Environment yesterday launched its National Environment Policy and Implementation Plan 2016–2030. It also celebrated the opening of the new Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation Office. Climate Change Minister Lini outlined the history of SPC and GIZ assistance – all of which has been considerable over the years since the 2002 legislation for the Conservation Act. SPREP and the European Union have also played a significant part in setting up the office and putting together the plan.