Law requires election of new President by July 3, says Electoral Commission

Vanuatu flag

The election of a new President will take place on July 3. Nominations are expected by close of business next Wednesday. The Electoral College comprises the 52 Members of Parliament, Presidents of the six Local Government Councils and the leaders of the three municipalities.

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Martin Tete, has made a singular effort to advise the general public on the need for the quick calling of the election to choose a new President. The laws involved require prompt action and Chairman Tete was responding to criticism that the speed of the new presidential election process showed insufficient respect to the former leader. However the Election of the President Act, the Representation if the Peoples Act and the Constitution leave no room for politicians or civil servants to delay any of the official processes which might delay a constitutional requirement.

Vanuatu will be a Vice-President of the upcoming 72nd United Nations General Assembly. Vanuatu was endorsed by the Asia-Pacific Group, along with Indonesia, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates and Sri Lanka.

The conspiracy trial of Minister Joe Natuman has been reinstated for December. Natuman is alleged to have pressured police to end two investigations, one into a former Police Commissioner and other the police mutiny case, while acting as Minister responsible for police.

The police are urging the general public to watch out for people removing the 2017 roadworthiness and vehicle registration stickers from cars. Theft of these valued items has been rife, the Vanuatu Digest learns.