Vanuatu committed to meeting climate change commitments, President tells visiting Parliamentarians

President Moses has registered his strong commitment and that of the Government of Vanuatu to the ACP and EU to carry out the work required to fulfill the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. He gave the promise at the ACP/EU meeting that has been taking place this week in Port Vila. A large contingent of visitors has been in the capital for the 14th regional meeting of the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific/European Union (ACP/EU) Parliamentary Assembly. A total of 66 delegates are attending, including the Co-President of the ACP, Ibrahim Rassin Bundu, and acting Co-President of the EU, Cecil Kashetu Kyenge. Sites visited included the Wind Farm project funded by the European Investment Bank and the Roi Mata Compound at Mangaliliu in the World Heritage area. The ACP Group’s main objectives are sustainable development and poverty reduction within the member states, as well as greater integration into the world’s economy.

Vanuatu is the first Pacific Island country to run a course in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction. The knowledge gained is intended to be taken straight back to communities. The course has taken place at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology in Port Vila, and educator Charles Pierce is the course developer. Twenty-eight students from all provinces were chosen to participate to ensure all kinds of disasters seen in Vanuatu could be dealt with. The course will close in another week. The participants have been discussing action plans in Efate’s villages. Graduation will be on the 1st of August.

The daughter of US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump has met with the Smart Sistas girls competing in the international robotics Olympics for high school students.

An astonishing 2,000 volunteers are needed for Van2017, the Pacific Mini Games being held here near year end. Team leaders are being recruited and their training will take place at the end of October.

The Vanuatu Government has terminated their studies of number of students at USP’s Laucala campus in Suva, Fiji after failing to pass the required number of subjects for their scholarships. It is understood they are presently returning to Port Vila.

Work is to start soon to rebuild the Freshwater sports facilities destroyed in Cyclone Pam. The Vanuatu Christian Ministry is helping to build the facilities again. They have started to ask for assistance from partners in Australia. Community meeting rooms will be part of the facility.

The Mayor of Port Vila has taken some of his councillors to meet with Prime Minister Salwai and explain their intention to join the PM’s party RMC for the Port Vila town council elections early next year. A ceremony took place at the PM”s office during the week.