PM announces free primary and secondary education – again

First grade students during class at Norsup Primary School. Photo: Connor Ashleigh/Australian Aid

First grade students during class at Norsup Primary School. Photo: Connor Ashleigh/Australian Aid

Happy Vanuatu Children’s Day. Children are appropriately singled out today with the announcement that the entire government is behind the Free Secondary Education Scheme. This will start from next year. The Governments of Australia and New Zealand have looked after the entirety of the first years of education for, really, far too long: Vanuatu should have found a solution. It now has and will shoulder the full burden of primary education henceforth. Today’s story in Daily Post raises many questions and it is to be hoped these will be answered after today’s celebrations are over. Their subhead is “Prime Minister declares free early childhood and secondary education.” This promise was made exactly a year ago. Our present PM is not one to simply take an advantage of a public holiday to tout a rehashed policy. But we want all the details. Government is extremely concerned at the number of late primary dropouts. This policy action is intended to stop it worsening.

Another Children’s Day venture: Government support for a Telecom Vanuatu–Wan Smolbag initiative to combat street crime. The two organisations have the best interests of youth at heart, as has Government. An annual street dance battle would seem to be just what it can use from the stack of amazing talents of the organisations who are sponsoring!


4 Comments on “PM announces free primary and secondary education – again”

  1. Abong marcelin says:

    Toktok toktok toktok . be implementation . where the money comes from. My retired Sister who teached almost over 30 years in a Primary school is still waiting for her retirement package. what a waste of words.



    Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for all your regular correspondence with informative news .

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  3. Sloan says:

    After all it’s in the best interest of the government of the day and its people. Words are words but when actioned it becomes meaningful.


  4. Nasimal ( Nasingamelip ) says:

    I couldn’t believe what our PM announced on children’s Day that Primary and Secondary Schools would be free . What our people need to know how this government would find the funding for those schools . Have this government got a magic money tree to get the funding from ? Or he read Mr. Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto ( British Government Opposition Leader ) if that’s the case then how long the education would be free for . I know that in this world nothing is free , someone has to sacrifice for Freedom .