PM cancels overseas meeting to meet with Ambae evacuees on three islands

PM Charlot Salwai in Santo to meet Ambae evacuees.

PM Charlot Salwai in Santo to meet Ambae evacuees this week.

PM Charlot Salwai decided to stay back from overseas commitments he planned to attend early this week to enable visits to the Ambae evacuees on Maewo, Santo and Pentecost. These visits were a great success and proved the caring personality of our present head of government. He got to three major villages and nearby smaller villages. He dropped into all Luganville reception centres. The PM was accompanied by Climate Change DG Jesse Benjamin and Geo-Hazards Division Manager Esline Bule. Both were able to pass on a great deal of information regarding the volcano and its current status. PM Salwai thanked the Ambaeans for their acceptance of the Council of Ministers’ decision to evacuate after former Ambae state minister and high chief, Jacques Sese, thanked the PM and CoM for the evacuation decision.

Ambae disaster-wise, France is assisting New Zealand and Australia with provision of humanitarian cargo and communications aviation. The FRANZ partnership is said to be working very well; more impressive however is how Vanuatu was able to organise the evacuation of 11,600 people in just over a week without outside help.

In his message for Constitution Day, President Obed Moses Tallis urged the government to revisit the Hall of Justice concept to assist the Judiciary to carry out its duties and he reminded teachers of the importance of Mama Law to guide the people. And he urged everyone to remember our national motto: Long God Yumi Stanap.

The Vt 160 million Bauerfield facilities upgrade project has started. Christophe Dinh Constructions and Island Construction were awarded contracts for the warehousing and terminal renovation. They are hoping to have the works completed before VAN2017 begins.

Tari Kalterekia has been charged with 27 counts of misappropriation while land manager for Ifira Trustees. Esah Corporation is one organisation claiming Vt 1,070,000. Another company has reported paying over Vt 3.1 million. The land for which the sales were made and receipts allegedly issued is largely part of the Peacock Malapoa land subdivision. Misappropriation has been alleged to have taken place over some considerable time. The matter is before the courts.